Welcome to United Gaming Cops & Robbers
Our server has basically got a theme of "Cops and Robbers". As a robber, you can earn money by completing hit contracts, robbing stores, banks and players. Also, some illegal jobs like, dealing with drugs, kidnapping players will lend you some cash! There are also legal ways through which you can earn cash; that is, by turning into a taxi driver, doing courier missions etc. Also, you can own a house and store your money and a new feature also allows you to set a co-owner for your house! .
You can change your skill any time by entering into the City hall and change your class by changing your skin at the nearest hospital to you! You can turn into a Cop/FBI/CIA/Army, arrest the robbers and issue ticket to the suspects. Police officers also get free weapons, health, armour, and police vehicles, available at any police station. As a cop, you can also accept bribes from the wanted suspects; but beware! If any cop notices you accepting a bribe, you will be demoted from the rank that you had!

If you chose to be a medic, you can heal the players and also cure the players if they are infected. But remember, abusing your skill/class can lead you to a severe punishment.

If you do not already have SA:MP, You Can Download It from SA-MP Downloads Page

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To explore more, join our Server, Server IP: (server.ugcnr.net:7777)

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Server Update v1.0
Hi everyone,

Server has been updated to v1.0. This version mainly focuses on law enforcement and bug fixes


list coming soon.