About UGCNR - United Gaming Cops And Robbers

UGCNR has got a lots of features, here are some features of our server:
• Skills/Job System
There are many skills/jobs that a civilian can chose. That is,
• Kidnapper
• Drug Dealer
• Weapon Dealer
• Rapist
• Hitman
• Prostitute
• Theif
• Car Jacker
• Street Vendor
• Mechanic
1. Being a Kidnapper- Kidnap players when they're in your vehicle and demand ransom from them!
2. Being a drug dealer - Set your own price for particular amount of drugs and offer drugs to players!
3. Being a weapon dealer- Refill your stock from ammunition, set prices for your weapons and offer them to players!
4. Rapist- Be a rapist, rape people and infect them with diseases!
5. Being a Hitman - Complete Hit Contracts for money! 6. Being a Thief, Rob people with more success! 7. Being a Car jacker, steal people vehicles.

House system
You Can store Money & Drugs. Change House Name, Allow people to let in your house.
House storage
Set House Name
House knocking system
House Breakin and Robbery
House Ejecting

• /clothes – Clothes Main menu, to manage your clothes and accessories.
You can buy clothes from shops and sell to players at whatever price you want.

Donating Player Benefits
Donate for the server to keep it alive and running! You can find the benefits For donating player At Here.

Use Legal/Illegal methods to earn money
You can either do legal activities such as long haul mission, pilot jobs, taxi jobs or you can go against the
law and do illegal activities such as drug delivery missions and courier missions

List of Legal/Illegal Missions:
- Bus Mission
- Driver Mission , Use /fare to set Driver Fare
- Hauling Mission

Group system
You can now create a group in-game and invite your friends and chat with them in a group the group leader can
kick players from his group.

The lotto system
You can pick a lotto number ingame using /lotto cmd. 1 ticket costs $250. Lottery Draw at 18:00 every gameday.

Deathmatch Stadium
Make sure to check the DM stadium in our server!

Find the hidden moneybag
Thinking about a faster way to earn money? Find the moneybag that's hidden in various places! When someone finds
the money bag the money moves to another location.
You will get +1 score and money bag money when you'll find it. Check /moneyrush (/mr) for details about money bag.

Skin/Skill Changing: Well in our server all player’s skill and skin are saved when they quit the game and when
they come back the old skin and skill is given back and if any player wanted to change their skin
they can visit any local hospital to change their skin for $ or if they want to change skill
they can visit any city hall and change their skill for $2500.

We do not encourage hackers here. Also, using mods in this server is strictly prohibited. So, please make sure
to read the server rules as well as the forum rules after you register. If you find anyone breaking
any particular rule, just use /complain when you are in game and the online administrators will take care
of it. If you don't find any administrators online, the best thing to do is take a screen shot and
report the respective player on forums.

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