Server Rules

  • - Respect and listen to admins and their commands.
  • - Respect other players and have good attitude towards them.
  • - Flaming is not allowed, do not flame people or admins (this also includes false accusing which is not allowed, if you find any player guilty report the player with proper proofs on forum).
  • - You are not allowed to advertise other SAMP Servers in Server and on Server's Website, Forum, Social Pages & Groups, Video Channels.
  • - You are not allowed to spam in Server (especially in mainchat) and on Server's Website, Forum, Social Pages & Groups, Video Channels.
  • - Bug abuse is not allowed (if you find a bug do not abuse or tell others except admins about it).
  • - Abusing GTA San Andreas' bugs such as C-Bug, 2-Shoot Bug, Sliding Bug, Ninja Jack and other bugs is not allowed.
  • - Do not deathmatch anybody for no reason (you are not allowed to shoot, attempt to kill or damage anybody or their vehicle if they didn't harm you in any way).
  • - Use of any Cheat or Mod (including Texture, Graphical and Sound Mod) is not allowed.
  • - Pausing your game or fully exiting to avoid being killed or paying medical fees, when you are attacked or about to die, is not allowed.
  • - Stats Boosting or Farming (of any type) is not allowed (this includes farming by connecting to Server using 2 Computers or with your friend).
  • - Cops and Robbers cannot team-up.
  • - Do not stay near a suspect (either on foot or on vehicle) if you're not going to arrest them (it will also be considered team-up).
  • - Creation of multiple accounts by one person is not allowed.
  • - If you have been banned by Server's Anti-Cheat or any admin, you should not Ban Evade (in any way).
  • - If you do happen to see a player breaking rules for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to use command "/complain [ID/Nick] [Reason]" to submit a report to online admins (In-Game and on forum) for immediate processing.
>> The Server Rules will be constantly updated in future (with the necessary updates or amendments needed).
>> The Penalties/Punishments by the admins on violation of the Server Rules may alter but will be in accordance with the rulebreak committed.
>> Rules Update: v1.0.